We think it's only right that a brand taking it's inspiration from the ocean does what it can to protect it. Here's how: 

20% of Profits to Ocean Conservation.

Our ocean's are under threat; From overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution, plastics, and global warming to name but a few. 

Thankfully, there are some amazing people and organisations out there doing incredible work to help protect it.

When you join the Wolfpack, every purchase you make in some small way helps these groups protect our oceans.


All our products are Made-to-Order, which allows us to massively reduce our environmental impact:

Firstly, because we don't do bulk runs of thousands of products, no energy is wasted in mass production, and we dont end up with waste products destined for landfill.

Secondly, we only need to ship our products once - from the factory to your door.


All of our tees, hoodies & sweaters are made with or using 100% Organic, Sustainably-farmed Cotton. 

We're against 'fast fashion' and the throwaway culture. As well as being an ethical & sustainable practice, using organic cotton allows our garments to be finished to an exceptional quality, with a premium, super-soft feel and the durability to last. 


We ship our products in 100% biodegradeble packaging - perfect for your compost bin.

[ForTheOcean] Collection

We're donating 50% of profits from these products to ocean conservation efforts.

At the end of the day, we're a business in a competitive market. So we feel pretty good about the 20% of storewide profits we've pledged so far..

But 20% isn't massive. And that's why we created the [ForTheOcean] collection; for those who want to spend a little more, to give a whole lot more.


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to 20%


Some of the organisations we've pledged to donate to:

Eva Foam

Non slip surface



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